MV 8 VP Pneumatic installation units

The integrated solution

Space-saving and powerful for a consistent marking result, even with varying workpieces.

Product details

In these compact marking devices, the impact spring-spindle is space-saving integrated in the piston rod of the pneumatic cylinder. It is moving against the work piece until the impact is released. A continuous percussion power can be reached also when marking work pieces of different heights. For the final position check, all units are optionally available with non-contact and inductive sensors.

Available types of machines: MICRO-MARKATOR MV 8 VP / MINI-MARKATOR MV 13 VP / MIDI-MARKATOR MV 23 VP

Percussion power, stepless adjustable, max. up to 5 kN

Max. impact sequence per hour, approx 1500

Retraction of the spindle until the impact releases, approx. 10 mm

Stroke of the spindle max. 60 mm

Usable stroke of spindle max. 50 mm

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